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IOGA is amongst the oldest GENERAL Insurance Companies in Mauritius and operates now for more than 40 years. It is a very well established and known company with it's HEAD OFFICE at Max City Building 10th Floor, Remy Ollier Street, Port Louis - a branch offices in Flacq and Riviere du Rempart and 12 accredites agencies all over the island.
IOGA is surely the RIGHT CHOICE for all your insurance needs.

Our company

The passion of the company about meeting the insurance need of the people of Mauritius spans now for 4 decades this year ans is well captured in our motoo "THE RIGHT CHOICE". As one of the oldest comanies in the insurance industry we thrive on delivering insurances at affordable prices to our customers..

Our offices

Our headoffice is found in Port Louis and there is a branch office in Flacq. Besides there are 12 offices of Accredited Agents found all over the island. One will be surely near your place. Click here on read more to have address, telephone and email addresses for instant contact.